Monday, October 5, 2009

Making Kimchi

I have demonstrated how to make Kimchi for our OLT staff members as a representative of our Health and Culture Committee. I successfully taught basic Korean expressions and how to make Kimchi. After making Kimchi, we enjoyed the Kimchi. The four small heads of Kimchi were surprisingly gone soon. I deeply appreciate all the participants' active participation and their open minds to learn about different cultures.

Thanks to my children's help, Julie and Alvin, I was able to put the Kimchi making process onto Youtube. My son's patience in holding the digital camera for many hours without any complaints was greatly appreciated. Whenever I made mistakes, he gently offered another shot. Also, he let me borrow his attractive apron he made himself. My daughter helped me to publish the video on Youtube. In the midst of her busy schedule, she is always ready to help her mom. Special thanks to my cat Colton, who wouldn't stop meowing during the video shooting. But it's okay Colton, we still love you.

Here is the Kimchi video ( I hope you enjoy it.

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