Saturday, February 7, 2009

Filming Project for SOWK 570/NURS 586

How does video help the student learning process and become more conscious about the learning objectives?

For a new Graduate online course at UBC, Violence in Families, SOWK 570/NURS 586, the leading course instructor, Dr. Mary Russell, planned to include video components. So far, we filmed three scenes:

1. CABFV Mock Group: Understanding Anger and Developing Tools for Healthy Expression of Anger
- Location: Sexsmith School
- Participants: Two FSGV (Family Services of Greater Vancouver) Counselors and nine 10-12 year-old students
- Special thanks to Kareen Hudson, program manager of FSGV
- My sincere appreciation should go to the enthusiastic participants. The two counselors' (Sara Urbauer and Leanne Fessler) excellent preparation and performance made the plan work out.

2. The Car 86 Program

- Location: Vancouver Police Station at Cambie
- Participants: Janet Douglas (Child Protection Social Worker); Lindsey Houghton (Vancouver Police Sergeant)
- The Car 86 program is a partnership between the Vancouver Police Department and what is now the BC Ministry for Children and Family Development.
- Please see the participants' photos below (You can save the pictures by right clicking and clicking on Save Picture As on to your computer.)

3. Domestic Violence

- Location: UBC Telestudios

- Participants: Domestic Violence Role Play (Sandra Menker, Gali Bar, and Dr. Mary Russell); MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development) Interview (Sheila Robinson, Debbie Samija, Paul Houle, and Dr. Mary Russell)

- Special thanks to Paul Houle, who is the team leader of MCFD, for arranging the event

Photos below

I thank all the participants for their great contributions and dedications to this project. I believe the course will be very enjoyable and resourceful thanks to the participants' willingness and passion to be part of this course. We have a couple of more scenes to complete in this project. As soon as our video is finalized, I will send it to the participants. Last but not least, my grateful appreciation should go to Chris Crowley (Instructional Designer) and Saeed Dyanatkar (Media Technologiest) because I could not have gotten these done without their excellent commitments.

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